1885 - 1931





The marriage of Charles Sebastian Theodore Sheppard and Elsie Mabel Gomez took place on 20th January, 1909 at the Presbyterian Church, St. Ann's Church of Scotland, St. Ann's Road, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  We examined the marriage record and took the above photo of the register in the Trinidad archives, but were scolded that it was forbidden!  Too late!  From the register we find that at the time of his marriage at age 23, Charles was still living at his parents' home at 117 Edward Street, Port of Spain.   Elsie was 20 years old, and her address was 4, Zampty Lane, Belmont.  The Minister who conducted their marriage ceremony was Mr. P. Simpson, and their witnesses who signed the Marriage Register were Joseph Cabral and Elsie's sister, Audrey Gomez.

Elsie Mabel was born on 26 May, 1888, in Arima, Trinidad.  Her parents, Joseph Gomez and Christina Pereira, were both of Portuguese descent.   Elsie was the eldest of their nine children.  Both of her parents were present at her wedding; however, her father Joseph passed away just barely a year later, on 31 Dec 1910 - at age 47.  Her mother, Christina, lived to be 84, so was able to enjoy many of her grandchildren born to Charles and Elsie.


The wedding reception was held at the home of Mr. Albert Mendes, Elsie Gomez' Godfather, at the corner of Shine Street & Park Street on Victoria Square, Port-of- Spain.


Elsie Mabel recorded details of her Wedding Day in her Bible, now passed down to her daughter Sybil.   She wrote:-

Bestman - Joseph Cabral.
Chief Bridesmaid- Audrey Gomez;  Edith Gomez; Alice Mendes

Flower girls:  Laurie, Phyllis and Birdie Peake, Thelma Fereira, Ivy Gomez and Ida Mendes

Memories:  A very happy wedding held at the home of my Godfather, Mr. Albert Mendes, Victoria Square.  Many young people and children attended.

In this wonderful wedding photo, we see the bride and groom Charles and Elsie with their family and friends, standing in front of the residence of Mr. Albert Mendes, Elsie's Godfather, at the corner of Shine Street and Victoria Square, Port-of-Spain.


The boy standing front left is Willie Gomez, the bride's brother.  I understand that the little flower-girls next to him are all of the Peake family, not relatives, but children of Mr. Peake, the gentleman in the white tunic, a policeman who I understand came from England along with Alfred, and remained good friends


Charles' mother Virginia is standing next to her son, and behind her to the left is his father Alfred. 

The flower girl standing next to the bride on the right side is Ivy Gomez, the bride's sister.  Immediately behind her, his face partly hidden, is Sebastien de Freitas, the groom's grandfather.   The gentleman standing between the bride and groom in the next row is Elsie's father, Joseph Gomez, and her mother Christina can be seen just to the right of Elsie. 

Charles and Elsie with their family - 1928