Wife of Edward Oswald Mendes

14 May, 1887 - 4 April, 1975

Marriage Register for 1913 showing details of the marriage of

Edward Oswald Mendes  and Amalia Sheppard

Photo taken in the Archives of the Registrar General’s Department,

Ministry of Legal Affairs, Port-of-Spain.



Amalia's father, Alfred Sheppard, had entered in the Family Bible:

"Amalia Elizabeth Sheppard and Edward Oswald Mendes were united in Marriage in the United P. Church on the 18th January 1913."


Out of their union came a family of seven children, all of whom were born in Trinidad, with the exception of their second son Malcolm, born in New York City, New York.    They were:


Oswald Antonio

Malcolm Arthur


Frederick Herbert

Charles Gilbert

Leonard Alfred

Jessie Amalia



Amalia and Oswald celebrated their Diamond Anniversary

on 18 January, 1973



Amalia (seated) with her English cousin

Ivy Sheppard, daughter of her Uncle Charles. 

Amalia Sheppard

a girl of eight years old

JESSIE 5 93.jpg

Jessie Rooks nee Mendes at 93 years old, Trinidad

Jessie is the daughter of Amalia Sheppard and Oswald Mendes