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Family Videos

~ Snippets of Memories ~


Robert Sheppard and his sister Jessie,

Trinidad 1993

Jessie Brash at her Piano

At John and Jennifer(Gibbon) MacLean's home

  Trinidad, February 1989

At the home of John & Valerie Sheppard , Wareham, England, October 10, 1991

Robert Sheppard and his sister Jessie,

February 23, 1993

Musical evening at O'Connor Street, Port-of-Spain

Trinidad,  February 23, 1993 

 Mother and Daughter

Memories of Andrew Sheppard

Filmed around 1966

My mother, Betty Sheppard in Barbados

These are not professional recordings.  They are unedited, so you can hear the scratchiness of the vinyl LP record.   Jessie sang to an instrumental versions of the songs, and was recorded by her brother Malcolm at his home at Shine Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad - circa 1958. She was well known in her day for her beautiful voice, and often performed as soloist at weddings and other functions.

(Images used are my own photos of Holland and Canada in Autumn;

photos of Jessie and the Mendes family are copies of her own family collection.)

At The Gibbons, Trinidad, February 1989


St. Augustine Days, February 26 1993

Home of Patrick & Sybil Gibbon

Trinidad Carnival 1993

Alan Sheppard with Spice & Company

Sheppard sisters and Joan Bodu in the stands

50th Wedding Anniversary Don & Audrey, California, March 18 1993

Auntie Sybil's (DELICIOUS) Prune Ice Cream

Crane Hotel, Barbados - July 25, 2013

Peter Sheppard playing the bones

Barbados - July 2011

   Valerie Sheppard - live recording from a television showin Barbados - December 1967

   Wedding day

Valerie Sheppard and Tony Archer

July 16, 1966 - Barbados

   My youngest son Phil Archer singing "Angels" 

Little Bentley, Barbados. 

Wedding day Meindert & Valerie

27 July, 2013

   Shown on September 13th, 2015

at my mother Betty's 90th birthday party.
Made with love.

 Wedding of my daughter Ingrid Archer and Eduardo Martinez at St. James Parish Church Barbados, 1995

 Loving and unforgettable father and husband -

my Tony Archer - "I Will Tell Your Story"

23 March 1939 - 14 July 1984

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