Family of Charles Sheppard and

Mary Ellen Fisher - England

This is part of a collection of photographs which belonged to my Uncle John Sheppard who lived in England.   A close friend of Nell Sheppard in Wem, Shropshire, had sent them to him after she died.  John had known his cousin Nell, and had visited her in Wem and kept in touch.   We are most grateful to his widow Valerie, and my cousin Kathleen Sheppard (Henry) in England, who sent them to us.  Because of what had been written on the backs of the photos all those years ago, they were invaluable in helping us to trace the origins of the Sheppards.

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4665.jpg  Charles Sheppard, age 20
4665.jpg Charles Sheppard, age 20
Birth Certificate of Charles
Birth Certificate of Charles

Back of previous photo of Charles Sheppard


The eldest child of Charles and Mary Ellen Sheppard

4664.jpg  Cyril Sheppard
4664.jpg Cyril Sheppard

Back of previous photo Cyril Sheppard Wem Born in Woolwich 16-6-1886

4663.jpg  Cyril Charles Sheppard
4663.jpg Cyril Charles Sheppard