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Andrew D. Sheppard

Written by my father and transcribed from personal family memorabilia


It does not behove me, nor am I permitted to reveal any of the innermost secrets of the office nor functions of an Honorary Consul, who represents the sender country in the host country, which in itself carries tremendous responsibilities and implications for them.

I will, however, transgress a trifle to mention certain events during my continuous tour of duty as an Honorary Consul, which began in 1984.  These few instances do jar my memory and keep me always alert.

When I was selected and approached to fill such an important position it came as quite a shock to me and, naturally, a great honour to be granted such a great responsibility which includes being the only local representative of a large, remote country where the spoken language is foreign.  "By your deeds you shall become known."  My nature commands me to provide service within my ability to any one deserving and requiring such assistance.  This activity was not unobserved by my country of adoption, I being a born and bred Citizen of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, long resident in Barbados.  The Government of Barbados was approached by the Government of the Republic of Peru to approve of my selection as that great and historic country's Honorary Consul to Barbados.  It seems that there was no difficulty in deciding that I was a good choice, as I was well known to the Prime Minister and all members of his Cabinet and permission was granted immediately.  I was so informed by the Ambassador of the Country which I represent by a telephone call from the South American Country where he resided and to which he was accredited.  This was followed by a personal visit, with his wife, to Barbados.   The Ambassador was just as pleased as I was proud to become a member of the Diplomatic Corps.

Of course, my instrument of commission, signed by the President of Peru, had to be sent to Buckingham Palace to receive the approval of Her Majesty the Queen, who is the Queen of Barbados, to permit me to perform the duties and functions of Honorary Consul of Peru in Barbados.  The formal approval of Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace was finally handed to me by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Barbados.

Prior to this final stamp of approval, my wife and I were invited to Caracas, Venezuela, as guests of the Ambassador of Peru and his wife.  We already knew each other during their visit to Barbados.  They treated us regally and at a private party at the Ambassador's residence to which the Ambassador of Barbados was present, I was handed the official certificate of my Commission of Honorary Consul by the Ambassador of Peru, through the Ambassador of Barbados.  After the ceremony I handed back the Certificate of Commission to the Barbados Ambassador for forwarding to Her Majesty the Queen.  At that time, I was also briefed on my duties and functions at the Peruvian Embassy in Caracas by the Ambassador, the Consul and Staff.


Christmas card sent by my father, when he was the Honorary Consul for Peru in Barbados.

From an original painting by Kathleen Hawkins,

donated to the Barbados Military Cemetery Association by the Artist.  Proceeds in aid of the Association.

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