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The church bells of neighbouring Catholic church Sint Urbanuskerk were ringing when Meindert and I discovered the grave.


Watch “Verborgen Verleden”- Video (in English)

While enjoying the television show “Verborgen Verleden” (hidden past) - the Dutch version of "Who Do You Think You Are"- featuring well-known Dutch journalist, TV and radio personality Hanneke Groenteman, I was astounded to recognise names of Lobo ancestors that were also in my own maternal family line. As I followed the story of Hanneke’s roots, it became clear that her earliest Portuguese Jewish ancestor who immigrated to Amsterdam was also my own ancestor - Baruch (Bento) Osorio. In Amsterdam, Bento Osorio became the most important and affluent merchant of his time, and lived in the Jewish Quarter not far from Rembrandt. A Google search will show his name appearing in many historical books and articles. My husband Meindert has edited from the show this video in which Hanneke travels to Portugal and finds out the riveting story about my forefather Baruch (Bento) Osorio.

(The voiceover about the Inquisition was done by me, as the show was mostly in Dutch.)

Amsterdam Marriage Registers

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Osorio Family at the Beth Haim Cemetery